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May the Lord watch over and protect you;

May your kegs always be full;

May the love of family and friends always surround you;

If your enemies come near, may God turn their hearts to love;

And if he doesn’t turn their hearts may He turn their ankles,

So you’ll know them by their limping.
~Old Celtic Blessing
































































Official website of Best Selling Historical Romance Author Mary McCall

Happy Winter 2015! Whether you are above the equator or below it, I hope you are safe and warm.

Two wonderful announcements, my first book Highland Treasure has been released as an audio book. It’s out and doing well. Highland Treasure is the prequel to the Sister’s Series. And plans are underway to record Highland Captive as well.


And I have a new release from Champagne Books, Strangclyf Secret.  It’s a medieval romp during the early reign of William the Conqueror.




Please check the new page on the menu, SCHOLA (My Classes) and the EPISTLES (News) page for exciting news about my upcoming online writers class this May!

Welcome to my whimsical, adventurous, romantic and fun cyber-world where I let all my dreams come true and occasionally share a few. I believe historical romantic fiction is the ultimate escape into sweeping worlds as glorious and inspiring and as rich as the unfolding of human history. In some circumstances it becomes a platform and writing goes beyond the sheer entertainment to the level of ministry. In any case, it should take you on the journey of your day along with the hero and heroine to a world of delight. So take up a beverage, join me for a while and enjoy a good book.
Enjoy the season change with happy reading!


On March 23, I’ll be joining authors from multiple genres at the M.R. Davis Public Library in Southaven, Mississippi for their fabulous Mix and Mingle with the Authors event. The affair lasts from 11 am to 2 pm. There will be books for sale, for signing, giveaways, and a great chance to meet some wonderful authors from a variety of genres. If any of you are near the Mid-South Tri-State Area and can make it, please stop by. I’d love to meet you. And I’m dragging my friend Barry along so you can meet my wonderful web designer too. When the event is over, I’m going for food, so I’ll let anyone interested know what local restaurant we’ll be at.



Some good news:

My books are in the works for foreign rights. The Stoa Grand Opening Festival will be February 20 – 28, 2013. Hope you can all come, play and enjoy what is meant to be an ongoing party in a playground for readers and writers. There will be plenty of giveaways and prizes. I’m hoping the chatter on The Stoa will be enough that we can bring in some feature authors and new authors for you to meet in a very informal cyber setting. I Hope everyone is staying warm. And if you’re south of the equator, I wish I were with you! Everybody stay healthy and happy.


These are my books that are currently published. Click on any cover for more information and links to purchase.

Highland Promise Book CoverHighland Captive Book CoverHighland Treasure Book Cover